Sunday, 15 May 2011

Malaysian Madness

Perth has a large community of Malaysians so its no wonder that there are many choices when it comes to good Malaysian food. Now Malaysian food is a blend of many different cultures, Chinese, Indian and Malay itself. So it is not surprising to find a variety of tastes in any Malaysian restaurant.

Northbridge is the hotbed of good, cheap food in Perth but on the top of my list of incredibly awesome Malaysian restaurants is Ipoh in Mayaree. Their claim to fame is that the chef is from Ipoh in Malaysia and everything he dishes out is authentic and delicious. Now I don't know how authentic the food here is, having never been to the city of Ipoh myself. But I definitely guarantee that
its lip smackingly yummy.
Everything on their menu is delicious. Make sure you try their Grandma's Herbal Tea, the perfect icy accompaniment to your flavorsome meal. Also, their fried chicken and hor fun have got to be the best. They are also very reasonably priced and the service is fairly good.

Another place I liked was introduced to me by Nikki aka
Sidekick No.1 It is Rasa Nyonya in Victoria Park. We had the fried tofu which was crunchy and sweet. It was not dry although it appears to be. Nikki ordered us one chicken and one fish dish. Both tasted really good but I though they were a little oily. They had the usual asian drinks and I had the Lychee sensation. It was not just pretty but also refreshing!

I also like Tak Chee in Northbridge. Their Hainanese Chicken and Rice is rumored to be the best in town and it really is divine! Their menu is varied and well priced. My personal favourite is the curry chicken with Roti Canai. I also had the sour plum drink which is deliciously tart and perfect accompaniment to the spicy meal! Be warned though, this restaurant is always full and you often have to wait for a table. It is quite a small place but well worth the wait. They have daily and weekly specials and these are listed inside the restaurant

Thats all for now on Malaysian Madness.. Whats next?

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