Sunday, 15 May 2011

One Year On

It has been a year since I moved to Perth and in this year I have been to over 50 restaurants and cafes around the city. Along with my trusty sidekicks Sasi and Nikki and my wonderful friends, I have tried out a variety of cuisines and eaten some amazing food. Some good, some bad, some weird and some that definitely need to be revisited!

I am all for trying new cuisines and tasting new treats. Lucky for me, my friends here are as crazy about food as I am!

I wont catalogue every restaurant I have eaten at but will name a few. Today we decided to eat Kimchi at the local Korean restaurant Took Bae Gee in Perth city. It is a regular favourite of ours and their Kimchi soup is to die for! Sour and spicy at the same time, it is the best thing to have on a chilly day. Also good is the stone pot delicacies. You can have it with spicy chicken, pork, beef or sea food. It comes in a very hot pot into which you mix the spicy sauce. I love their assorted sides including kimchi, lotus root, seaweed, bean sprouts and so on. They are also happy to refill these anytime you ask!

They also have dumplings, pancakes and barbequed meats. See I dont eat meat. I like to say that I eat anything but I dont eat beef or pork or prawn or shrimp. Besides that I am
brave enough to try just about anything. At Took Bae Gee you are guaranteed to like anything you try.

Another restaurant we visited recently was Bonsai in Northbridge. It is fairly high end Japanese fusion food.
Their menu is not very extensive and service is not the best but our food arrived very quickly and was excellent! I have often despaired of finding good Japanese food in Perth but I loved Bonsai.

The sushi and sashimi were fresh and delicious. I also had the chicken steak and it was just perfect. The scallops were perfectly grilled and the eggplant mochi was a wonderful combination of sticky mochi balls and cooked eggplant in a yummy broth.

The third place I am going to rave about today is Georges Meze in Subiaco. This is the place to go to for an extensive menu of authentic Greek food.
Their menu is wide ranging and you will be hard pressed to choose only a few dishes! It is best to go with a large group and try everything that takes your fancy. We had the stuffed tomatoes Yemista, the Seafood claypot and the Kotopoulo stuffed chicken to name a few. They also had a decent dessert menu but sadly not many items on it were available that night.

I did try the traditional greek coffee, served with a piece of Halwa but it was too bitter for my liking. As I said, I like to try out new things and I am glad I tried it even if I did not like it.
The belly dancer was a definite highlight of the night and must be a big drawcard for this place. I must say though, that service was spotty on that night but no one seemed to mind. The place was packed and no one had any complaints about the food.

Coming up next.. A few of my favorite Malaysian food joints

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